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Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army chapter 3

5 Dec

How could there be no one in the truck of the car that went over the cliff? That’s impossible!!! Find out how in chapter 3!

Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army chapter 2

28 Nov

The serial continues! Check out chapter 2 here!

Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army chapter 1

21 Nov

Sure to be a cliffhanger classic!

Here is chapter one of the six-part serial Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army.

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for subsequent episodes!


World Premiere of Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army

31 Aug

bevinwrobot3Shocking Beyond Belief Films, the Sword of Truth Behind the Shield of Entertainment, is proud to announce the release of its latest film series – Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army.

Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army is a six-part serial in the vein of the old Saturday matinee cliffhanger serials (i.e., Flash Gordon). Minerva Black, a small-town newspaper reporter, takes on a greedy corporation and its army of killer robots in this comically fierce takedown of government’s love of corporate money.

Audiences will have the opportunity to watch all six episodes back to back at the world premiere of the series – a one-night, two-screenings only event. The premiere takes place on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, at Denver’s Bug Theatre in north Denver. Screening times are 6:30 and 9 pm.

Tickets can be purchased here.

Following the world premiere, each new episode of the series will air weekly on and starting on Wednesday, November 21.

The film stars Denver actors Bevin Antea and Chris Hayes, as well as a best-of collection of Denver theater staples, including Emma Messenger, Terry Burnsed, Jonathan E. Brown, Shannon Altner, Emily Paton Davies, Chris Kendall, Gina Wencel and more!

The screenings will also feature a short presentation and Q&A with the filmmakers, as well as prize giveaways! Matt Struck of Really Late Night with Matt Struck will emcee the event.

Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army is joint effort by husband-and-wife team Ellen K. Graham (producer and screenwriter) and John Aden (director).

Be sure to watch the trailer below!

Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army trailer!!!

31 Aug

Production Wraps on Minerva Black

9 Dec

Principal photography on Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army has wrapped!

Production took the cast and crew to the studios of Denver Open Media, a tavern, Red Rocks Park, a fortune teller’s home, even to a warehouse in Mead, Colorado, over eight months. The end result will be a six-part series totaling over one hour in length.

The long process of post-production begins, with an expected release date for the series to be in late spring or early summer.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos from the production phase!

Production begins on Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army

8 Apr

Principal photography has begun on SBB’s latest film – Minerva Black and the Killer Robot Army. Click here to see photos of the first day of shooting.

Joined by SBB veterans Bevin Antea and Emily Paton Davies, the crew breezed through crucial establishment scenes for the film.

Minerva Black tells the story of a small-town newspaper reporter who takes on corporate interests and their army of killer robots. The film expected to be released in October 2016, just in time for the election season.

Join SBB on its Facebook page to follow the film’s progress.

The Making of The Undead Milkman selected for Intendence

29 May

IFF-2015-Official-Selection-300x209-28May2015SBB is proud to announce that its documentary, The Making of The Undead Milkman, will screen at this year’s Intendence Film Festival.

The Intendence Film Festival will happen June 25 – 28 at the Open Media Foundation.

The documentary tells the story of the films that SBB co-founder John Aden made with his friends back in the 1980s.

The actual screening time of The Making of The Undead Milkman at Intendence will be announced shortly.


New SBB intro

15 Dec

Check out this new intro for Shocking Beyond Belief Films!


15 Dec

Shocking Beyond Belief Films is now on Denver Open Media! The films of SBB will be playing on Denver’s public access TV station and also available for viewing on the